Frequently Asked Questions

GoGoJo strives to provide our customers with a transparent, secure, and convenient experience. It is for this reason we created this FAQ page to answer common questions. 
- Is the Appraisal Kit free?
Your Ayppraisal Kit is 100% free when you fill out our simple online form at gogojo.com.
- How do I use my Appraisal Kit to send you my unwanted or broken gold, platinum, silver, precious gemstones and other items?
Your Appraisal Kit will arrive in a standard business envelope. It will include three items:
  • A inventory card with a unique tracking code. This form contains a unique bar code so you can track your shipment from settlement offer to payment.
  • A high security Tyvek™ Return Envelope, which is insured against loss or damage for up to $1,000 and includes a pre-paid FedEx® shipping label. Insurance up to $50,000 is available for larger shipments. With FedEx®, you will be able to track your shipment so you know exactly when your items have been delivered to our processing facility. While many of our competitors limit their liability to $100 in the fine print, gogojo.com believes your peace of mind is worth the extra cost to provide extra loss coverage and FedEx® service. A cost which we pay, not you.
  • A thick, heavy duty polymer plastic bag with your unique tracking code. The bag is designed to protect your valuable items for shipping and includes your unique tracking number which allows us to process your shipment in the most secure and transparent way possible.
  • Simply fill out the inventory card, detach and keep the bottom half for your records, place your items into the plastic bag and seal it, insert the plastic bag into the prepaid Tyvek™ envelope and call FedEx® to pick up your package right at your own door.
- Is my shipment insured?
Yes, if you use the Tyvek™ envelope with the pre-paid FedEx® shipping label included in your. Appraisal Kit or any other FedEx®-approved packaging materials.
- What type of items does gogojo.com buy?
gogojo.com buys any item containing precious metal, such as gold (8K, 10K, 14K, 16K, 18K, 22K, 24K), platinum or silver, or items containing gemstones. We also buy gold watches, bracelets, gold pins/brooches, class rings, cocktail rings, wedding bands, cluster rings, and many, many other items.
Even if you have bent, dented, scrap or broken jewelry, items missing stones, unmatched gold earrings, scrap dental gold, or just about any item of value, we encourage you to send it in.
- How can I tell if my items are gold, platinum, or silver?
The easiest way to determine what type of precious metal you have is to look for an official seal revealing it. Any one of these markings indicates that your jewelry is precious:
For 10 karat gold - 10k, 10kt, 416
    • For 14 karat gold - 14k, 14kt, 585
    • For 18 karat gold - 18k, 18kt, 750
    • For silver - STERLING, 925, SILVER
    • For platinum - 950PT, Platinum, 950PT
    • 1/10 GF means that the item is gold filled and is not solid gold. We do not accept items which are filled or marked in this manner.
    • Vermeil refers to gold plating on sterling silver items and is valued as silver.

- What type of items will gogojo.com NOT buy?

GoGoJo Sell Your Gold will NOT buy stolen items, non-precious metals, plastic, pearls, gold plated items, gold filled items, costume jewelry, semi-precious stones, and your old silverware.

- How does gogojo.com calculate the value of my jewelry items?

Sell Your Gold calculates the value of your gold, silver, and platinum based on 3 factors:

    • The price of gold, silver, or platinum based on the London PM Fixing price on the date of settlement.

    • The karat content of your gold, which is a percentage of 24 karats. 10 karat gold contains 41.6% gold, 14 karats contains 58.3% gold, 18 karats contains 75% gold, and 24 karat gold contains 99.9% gold.

The actual pennyweight (DWT) of your items. Check out our current rates.

- What if I am sending bulky or highly valuable items?

Give us a call at 00971 4 379 0046 and a representative we will arrange for FedEx® come to your home or business to pick it up.

- How long does it take to get my cash?

Whether you opt for a standard check or one of our RapidCash™ payment options (PayPal™, Wire Transfer, Overnight Check) we will issue your payment within 24 hours after we notify you of your settlement, unless you decline. Your payment will be received much more quickly, and in cleared funds, if you select Wire Transfer or PayPal™ deposit.

- What happens if I am unhappy with the amount of my settlement and I want my items back?

If you elect to decline our offer before payment has been issued, we will ship your items back to you at no cost. If we have issued a check, you will have 10 days from the date on the check to contact us via e-mail or telephone if you wish to decline our settlement, and to return the check. When we receive our check back within 10 days, gogojo.com will return your items at no cost to you insured for the value of your settlement offer. If you opt for payment by RapidCash™ or PayPal™ payment options you waive the GoGoJo 10-day return policy. All items will be melted and recycled upon completion of Paypal™ and RapidCash™ transactions.

We created our tracking system to make handling your offer easy for you in order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. By logging in, you can accept or decline your GoGoJo settlement offer, or change your payment option. 24 hours after you have been notified that your offer has been posted, your payment will be processed if you have accepted our offer or we have not been notified that you wish to decline, either by logging in and clicking ‘Decline’, or calling/emailing our customer service number.

- Can I change my payment method?

Sure, just log in and select the payment method you desire.

- How do I know I can I trust gogojo.com?

We don't like the way most gold buyers treat their customers, so we built state of the art systems to allow you to see exactly what is happening with your personal property. After all, it's yours until you accept our offer! By logging in to GoldTrack with your personal username and password, you can follow your items all the way from pickup to payment. Once your package arrives, we will do everything within our capabilities to ensure your satisfaction. If you are not happy with your offer, we will return your goods. No questions asked, as simple as that. We've earned the trust of our customers with a combination of open, friendly customer service and the most transparent process in the industry.

Please contact us at via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any additional questions you may have.

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